End of Call Reason

The End of Call Reason provides information on how a call ended.

This is helpful when creating a new campaign to ensure calls are routing as expected. For example, you may have a “hang-up” node in an IVR and need to confirm the volume of callers whose calls are ending with an “IVR: hangup” reason.  

Add the End of Call Reason Count Tile on the Network or Profile/Advertiser home page. Select specific Advertisers, Campaigns or Affiliates using the ‘All Calls’ dropdown.

The End of Call reason value  is available in the Calls and Transactions detail reports at the Network and Profile/Advertiser Level.

Possible reasons Include:

  • Caller: Hang-up
  • Destination: Busy
  • Destination: Hang-up
  • Destination: No Answer
  • Destination: Number Not in Service
  • Destination: Error (503 or Fast Busy)
  • Invoca: Hang-up
  • Invoca: Hang-up (Unknown Promo Number)
  • Invoca: Hang-up (Blacklisted Caller)
  • Invoca: Hang-up (Call Confidence Blocked)
  • Invoca: Max Call Duration
  • IVR: Hang-up
  • Unknown: Unknown Cause

Below is more information on how these reasons are derived:

Caller: hang-up - Caller hang-up (either before or after Call Confidence Technology)

Destination: hang-up - Receiving party hang-up

IVR: hang-up - The IVR or Call Treatment ends the call due to an incorrect keypress or 'hang-up' node

Invoca: max call duration - Invoca ends the call due to max call duration (3 hours)

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