Adometry is a data-driven attribution platform that provides a holistic view of what's driving performance across all marketing channels. The Invoca for Adometry integration provides visibility into the different marketing engagements that are driving inbound phone calls.
  • Track calls as an event type in Adometry.
  • Account for inbound call events alongside online events to understand the true ROI of marketing channels.
  • Expand your view beyond last click and understand the marketing efforts or channels that drive awareness, assist in nurturing the prospect, and those that ultimately drive inbound phone calls.

Capture the Adometry ID

Supplemental code must be added to the Invoca JavaScript. 

This extra code allows Invoca to capture the Adometry ID and associate it with a unique phone number. When a visitor calls the unique phone number, Invoca will send the Adometry ID that was captured, along with other call data points.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  Invoca.advertiser_integration = {
     id: '1234',
     campaignId: 1234,
     ringPoolId: 1234,
     numberSelector: '.phone',
     poolParams : { adometryId: }

Configure the RingPool to capture the Adometry ID. 

1. In Invoca, navigate to the Campaign and click the "RingPools" tab. 
2. Add or edit the RingPool.
3. Be sure to include the Adometry ID as a pool parameter. 

Adometry Team Configures Call Tracking Settings

The integration sends call data points in a CSV file via sFTP.  Consult with your Adometry team to:
  • Create the event type for inbound calls and call conversions in Adometry.
  • Adometry technical team builds the file parser to consume Invoca data and provides sFTP credentials.
The standard file follows the below format:
Column Name Required or Optional Value Description
event_datetime_utc required UTC timestamp (ISO 8601 format) that indicates when the event occurred.
event_type required Value used to map provider events to Adometry conversion events.
adometry_id required Adometry cookie ID.
event_id optional Unique event ID from Invoca. Will be populated with the Invoca Transaction ID value.
event_revenue optional Revenue collected through this event. Field can be blank, if not applicable.
<other fields> optional While coordinating with Adometry engineering teams, other fields may be accommodated.

Automate the FTP Delivery

Invoca is able to assist in automating the daily delivery of the file. During the automation process, Invoca will help you determine whether or not to send call data for all calls, a conversion, or another custom disposition to optimize against what matters most to your business. Please contact

Important Note:
To send conversion or custom dispositions, conversion reporting must be enabled and implemented. 

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