Adobe Media Optimizer


Adobe Media Optimizer helps customers forecast and execute the optimal mix of search, display, and social campaigns based on budget and performance. Incorporate valuable inbound call actions for a more complete view into the performance of your campaigns and improve the effectiveness of your bid optimizations.

Capture the AMO Unique Identifier 

Configure the RingPool to capture the AMO unique identifier (ef_id) that is passed through in the landing page URLs. 

1. In Invoca, navigate to the Campaign and click the "RingPools" tab. 
2. Add or edit the RingPool.
3. Be sure to include the ef_id URL query string parameter. 

Important Note:

You must implement the Web Integration Code on your site.

AMO Team Configures Call Tracking Settings

Consult with the AMO team, who will build the parser that will process a daily feed with call data from Invoca.

You have the option to pass all call data parameters to AMO. Recommended parameters to send to AMO include:
  • date and time
  • ef_id (AMO identifier)
  • Invoca transaction ID
  • repeat caller
  • call duration
  • Invoca promo number
  • Invoca Signals met (Signal must be enabled and implemented)
  • reason code (conversion reporting must be enabled and implemented)
AMO provides the FTP credentials for data delivery.

Automate the FTP Delivery

Invoca is able to assist in automating the daily delivery of the file. During the automation process, Invoca will help you determine whether or not to send call data for all calls, a conversion, or another custom disposition to optimize against what matters most to your business. Please contact

Important Note:
To send conversion or custom dispositions, conversion reporting must be enabled and implemented. 

Alternative Method

If you decide to integrate Invoca and Adobe Analytics to track inbound calls from website landing pages, there is an option to have Adobe Analytics generate the feed to AMO.

Google Call Extensions in AMO

If you decide to optimize on inbound calls from Google Call Extensions in AMO, you must be integrated with Invoca for AdWords.  Once integrated, Invoca will assist in the generation of a parallel FTP Feed, similar to what was established for search click-through calls. 

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