The Invoca for Acquisio integration provides a lens into the offline performance of search campaigns, right down to the individual keyword. By combining online actions and call results, marketers are able to get a cohesive view into the true Return on Ad Spend and adjust bids to drive results.
  • Discover the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords that drive quality calls.
  • Analyze performance based on online and offline interactions, helping to drive results and eliminate wasted spend.
  • Analyze performance and adjust bids based on online and offline interactions, helping to drive results and eliminate wasted spend.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Acquisio’s campaign automation tools by incorporating call intelligence into your rules and bid management algorithms.

Capture the Acquisio trkid 

In order to track inbound calls down to the keyword level in Acquisio, configure the RingPool to capture the Acquisio click identifier (trkid) that is passed through in the landing page URLs. 

1. In Invoca, navigate to the Campaign and click the "RingPools" tab. 
2. Add or edit the RingPool.
3. Be sure to include the trkid URL query string parameter. 

Important Note: 
You must implement the Web Integration Code on your site.

Acquisio Team Configures Call Tracking Settings

Consult with the Acquisio team to configure call tracking settings. Acquisio will need the following information:
  • Invoca domain
  • Invoca Network ID
  • Invoca Advertiser ID(s) to integrate
  • Invoca API Username
  • Invoca API Password
  • Pool param position for trkid
Please contact to request these details.

Acquisio Reporting

Once the Acquisio team configures the call tracking settings, call data will be imported to Acquisio every 30 minutes. The trkid parameter is used to identify the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword that generates inbound phone calls. 

Acquisio provides details of each call in the Acquisio Report Center. Typical call details include Time of Call, Call Duration, Caller Number, Location, Device Type, etc. In addition, Acquisio can link directly to the original Call Recording on Invoca’s servers. This hyperlinked icon appears in client facing reports.

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