Create a Direct Promotion

Direct campaigns are primarily used when you do not use publishers to drive call traffic to your campaigns. See Introduction to Campaigns for a complete list of campaign types available on the platform.

Direct Promotions can be created with the Quick Campaign feature, from an Advertiser Account or from the Advertiser Manage Campaigns page.

To create a Quick Direct Promotion,

Click the plus icon on the Navigation Bar.

Make sure to check the "Direct" option under "How will you promote this campaign?"

To create a Direct Promotion,

From the Advertiser Navigation Bar, hover on Campaigns and select "Add New Campaign".

See below for special instructions.


Campaign Name must be unique.

Select "Direct" Campaign Type.

Call Treatment

See Call Treatment Options for detailed information on all available call treatment options.

See Disable Call Recordings for information on to customize call recording settings for the campaign and your platform.

See Call Treatment Example One and Call Treatment Example Two for some call treatment or IVR examples.


Define the hours of operation. To enforce these hours, apply them as conditions in the Call Treatment or IVR using "Check a Condition".

Target Regions

To add a custom target region, see Set Up Custom Target Regions.

Setting target regions on a Direct Promotion campaign is for information only, unless it is enforced in the Call Treatment or IVR using the "Check a condition" step.


If campaign has a landing page enter the URL. This URL is used to derive the correct links for creatives, direct promo numbers or RingPools that you may use when promoting the campaign. 

To verify Advertiser Web Integration Code has been installed properly on the landing page, click test.
See Campaign Creative Requirements for design and formatting guidelines for creatives.

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