Approve or Decline Advertiser on Network

If a user has applied for an Advertiser account on your network or platform,  they must first be approved by the Network in order to access the platform and begin creating campaigns.

Note: If you have an SSO platform, this feature is not available.

To approve or decline an Advertiser on the network or platform,

From the Network Manage Advertisers page, filter or show advertisers with an "Applied" status.

Use the Bulk action column to select more than one advertiser to approve.

Once advertisers are selected, click Actions, Approve or Decline.

Advertisers can only be declined if all advertiser campaigns are in a Paused or Archived state.

If you decline an advertiser application, a window prompts you for text to include in your response to the advertiser.

Declined advertisers will see the below message when attempting to log in:

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