Platform Organization and Account Types

Invoca has three main platform objects or account types. These are used to control access to parts of the platform and to segment and organize your call campaigns for tracking and reporting.

Within the Knowledge Base articles, these objects are referred to as:
  • Network
  • Advertiser
  • Publisher
The account type labels "Advertiser" and "Publisher" are customizable and may be named differently on your platform in order to better reflect your business model.

For example, the Advertiser account type on your platform may be called "Media Channel", "Business Line" or "Product".  And the Publisher account type may be called "Media Tactic", "Vendor", or "Affiliate". 

See Publisher Also Known As and Advertiser Also Known As for common object aliases used across the platform.

A user with a "Network" account type has visibility across the entire platform. A "Super" Network user can be thought of as an Admin user.

A user with an "Advertiser" account type has visibility limited to only those call campaigns created under their account. You can think if it as a way to segment ownership of campaigns.

A user with a "Publisher" account type has visibility limited to calls for only campaigns that they are joined to.

Calls can be attributed to an Advertiser, Publisher and campaign making for powerful summary level reporting. 

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