View and Report Network Rankings

To view network rankings for publishers, 
  1. On Advertiser Navigation Barhover on Campaigns and select "Manage Publisher Campaigns".

  2. Click the information icon.

  3. The Publisher Profile page opens and displays the Network Ranking information.

    Each bar graphic illustrates the network ranking. Bars are shaded based on the following:

  4. 0 = no calls in last 30 days (or less than 10 calls for conversion rate ranking)
    1 = less than 40th percentile
    2 = 40+ percentile
    3 = 60+ percentile
    4 = 80+ percentile 
    5 = 95+ percentile

    Rankings are updated daily, and cover the last 30 days of activity. Publishers are marked as "new" until they have been approved in the network for at least 30 days and they have driven at least 100 calls. 

    The $ ranking represents commission earnings. Less than 40th percentile in example above. 

    The Volume ranking represents total call volume. At least the 95th percentile in the example above. 

    The Conv % ranking represents conversion rate (paid calls divided by total calls (excluding test calls)) ranking. Between the 40th and 60th percentile in the example above.
To report on publisher rankings within a network,

  1. From the Transaction Details Report pageclick the column selector control.

  2. Select the publisher ranking columns: Publisher Commissions Ranking, Publisher Volume Ranking and Publisher Conversion Rate Ranking. Selected columns appear.

  3. To sort by ranking, use the column sort controls.

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