Invite Publishers to a Campaign

This feature is not applicable if you use other software to manage campaigns and publishers, and have integrated with Invoca's Network Integration API.

Publishers approved to the platform can view available campaigns and are approved to campaigns based on the settings defined in the campaign's "Visibility and Approval" settings.

If the campaign's visibility is by invitation only, you need to invite the publisher to the campaign.

To invite publishers to a campaign,
  1. From Manage Campaigns, search for and select the campaign. 

  2. On the Campaign Summary tab, click "Invite New Publishers"

  3. In Recipients, enter email address for each publisher to invite.

  4. Enter a custom message in Personalized Message. 

  5. Acknowledge and approve terms.

  6. Click "Send Invitation".
If the publisher has been approved on the platform, links are supplied on the invite message to view and join the campaign.

If the publisher does not have an approved account on the platform, they are directed to sign up for a publisher account prior to viewing the campaign.  A Network user will need to approve the publisher account application on the Manage Publisher Campaigns page
 once the publisher applies. Upon approval, the publisher can view and promote the campaign. 

The status for each invitation is viewable at the bottom of the Invite Publishers tab.

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