Voice Signal - Getting Started

Get Started with Invoca Voice Signal

Voice Signal reports on user-defined keywords or phrases spoken during an inbound phone call, significantly reducing the time required to listen to, analyze and segment calls.

Voice Signal is available at the Network or Advertiser account level. 

If Voice Signal is enabled on your platform, the Signal option is listed under the Navigation Bar gear icon. (Note: Remember to verify availability under the correct account type: Network or Advertiser.)

If the “Signal” option is not available, contact questions@invoca.com to enable your platform for Voice Signal.

Create Your First Signal

By default, voice signal is enabled for all campaigns, but you control the feature at the campaign level.  Voice Signals work for all but syndicated campaigns.

To create a voice signal,
  1. From the Signal page, click “New Signal.”

  2. Enter the Signal name and the Keywords or phrases that trigger the Signal from a call. 

  3. Select conditions under which a Signal is considered met. Signal listens for either the amount of words and/or phrases that need to be said or the amount of times those words and/or phrases need to be said for the signal to be met.

  4. Identify if Voice Signal should listen for the Caller or Agent.

    In the above example, the agent would have to say “cat” AND “dog” at least once on the call to consider the signal met. 

  5. Select the campaigns associated to the Signal.

  6. Click Save.  

  7. All calls received for the campaigns selected are evaluated and Signal results are displayed in reporting.
Signals can be deleted or modified at any time.

**Please note that Acronyms such as "HR" and "CEO" are best captured when referencing the phases as "H.R." and "C.E.O.". When we represent them this way, we get closest to the actual phonetic pronunciation and are able to capture the occurrences with better accuracy. 

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