Introduction to Reports

Reports are available to Network, Advertiser and Publisher users. Network users with a "Super",  "Manager" or "Member" role can view reports as a selected Advertiser or Publisher in their network. In other words, Network users are able to see the same reports that their advertisers or publishers see.

Users with a "Reporting" role only have access to the Report tab on their home page.

Reports include the following common features to select, sort and display the target data.

To filter and sort report data,

In the Transactions and Calls detail reports, use "Add Filter" to define the calls or transactions to display. Filters available include: Custom Data Category, Signal, Advertiser, Media Channel, Publisher and more.

Narrow down report results further by adding additional filters. 

When available, filter results by column using the the filter control available in the column header.

Sort results in ascending or descending order using the sort control.

To add or remove columns on report,

Click "Edit Columns"  to display the column selector window. Select columns to display. Deselect columns to hide. 

Export to Excel/CSV

Click "Export" to output displayed report data to CSV or Excel format. The platform queues exports containing over 2,000 transactions, and sends an email notification with a download link when export is completed.

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