Campaign Status

Campaign status is displayed on the Manage Campaigns page.

Campaign Status Definitions

Pending - Campaign has campaign terms saved but not live. Note that a campaign can be "Live" and also have a "Pending" status due to term changes saved but not live.

Live - The campaign is currently live and calls are routing.

Suspended - The campaign is suspended due to the advertiser being suspended. Calls are not connecting to the advertiser campaign.  Callers hear the prompt, "Number not in service." Suspended is generally a temporary state. Calls driven by in-network publishers to campaigns hosted by in-network, suspended advertisers will still show in reporting.

Paused - Campaign is paused and not receiving calls. Callers will hear the prompt "Number not in service."

Archived - The campaign is archived. Only paused campaigns are available to be archived. 
Callers will hear the prompt "Number not in service."

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