Create New Advertiser

Campaigns are created, tracked and reported by Advertiser accounts. This account type label "Advertiser" is customizable and may be named differently on your platform. For example, you may have this account type named "Profile" or "Media Channel".

See Platform Organization and Account Types for more information.

To create a new advertiser on the Platform,
  1. On the Network Navigation Bar, hover on Advertisers and choose "Add New Advertisers".

  2. Enter a unique Advertiser Name.

  3. If you need to track the advertiser across multiple applications, such as a click tracking or billing application, enter the external ID that identifies the advertiser on the external system. The ID label is customizable and set during implementation.

  4. To network manage the advertiser, select "Network Managed". See What is a Network Managed Advertiser? for more information.

    Select  "Can View Publisher Details" to provide the advertiser user with visibility to publisher information.

    If you do not select "Can View Publisher Details", publisher data is restricted to the publisher id (external or From Network) in reporting.

  5. Continue to enter advertiser's information and verify or select the optional fee and agreement settings. 

  6. Click Update.

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