Create a Syndicated Promotion

See Introduction to Syndicated Campaigns for an overview of how calls are routed through syndicated campaigns.

Syndicated Promotion Requirements:

Originating Network
  • You need to have a publisher account on the network where the campaign to syndicate exists.
  • The publisher account needs to be approved for the campaign to syndicate. 
  • A promo number and link from the Publisher Promotion campaign you want to syndicate out.
Syndicating Network
To create a syndicated Campaign,

On the Advertiser Navigation Bar, hover on Campaigns and select “Add New Campaign”.

See below for special instructions.


Campaign Name must be unique.

Select the “Syndicated Promotion” Campaign Type.


Enter the publisher promo number pulled from the originating campaign into the Destination Number field. Only an Invoca campaign publisher promo number, from a network other than your own, can be successfully entered here.

Review the Syndicated Promotion Terms carefully then confirm your agreement.


Enter the margin (in percent) of the payout you would like to keep for this campaign. See Take Margin for Syndicated and Bundled Campaigns for more information on margins.


Enter a Campaign Landing Page when you need publishers' links to redirect to the originating campaign's web integrated landing page. Click Test to verify the URL. 

To find the Campaign Landing Page for a Syndicated Promotion, click the “Promo Numbers” tab and click the “Get Link” icon next to the originating campaign's promo number that was used to syndicate (the destination number on the Syndicated Promotion).

Copy the URL provided in the Get HTML window. Enter the URL into Campaign Landing Page field.

See Add Campaign Creatives for instructions on how to add or edit other creatives available for syndicated campaigns.

Visibility and Approval

Select how to make the campaign visible to publisher accounts and the approval rule to use for the publisher applications.

Once a Syndicating Promotion is live, join publishers to the campaign to begin driving calls.

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