Introduction to Campaigns

Campaigns are the the cornerstone of the Invoca platform and are meant to support the entire life cycle of a call campaign. Within the platform, campaigns are created and managed from inception to completion, while providing detailed reporting for payouts and campaign return-on-investment (ROI) analysis.

To accommodate the growing needs of the marketplace, the platform currently supports the following campaign types:

(Note that the prefix "Publisher" and "Advertiser" on the campaign types below are customizable and may display differently on your platform. For example, "Advertiser Direct Promotion" may be called "Media Channel Direct Promotion" on your platform.)

"Publisher" Promotion

Publisher Promotion campaigns are created by advertisers or networks for the purpose of making the campaigns available to publishers to promote. Campaigns can be set up to pay publishers commissions for the calls they generate to the campaign. Additionally, networks can track payouts due to them from advertisers whose campaigns are run through their network.

Publisher Promotions can also be used as way to track additional marketing segments. So although, you may not not use publishers in a traditional sense, you can use this type of campaign to gain an additional level of summary reporting on the platform.

To create a Publisher Promotion, see Create a Publisher Promotion

"Advertiser" Direct Promotion

Direct campaigns are created by in order to track the calls responding to their direct media buys. Advertisers can assign unique or dynamic promo numbers to each ad placement and track the performance to measure ROI of their campaigns. 

Direct campaigns are the type typically used when you do not use publishers to drive call traffic to your campaigns.

Publishers cannot view or apply to Direct campaigns.

To create a Direct Promotion see Create a Direct Promotion.

Syndicated Promotions

Syndicated Promotion campaigns are created when the original campaign is running in another network platform. Networks create a syndicated campaign to give the publishers in their network access to the campaign from another network. When a syndicated promotion campaign is created, the original campaign is considered to be in syndication. See Introduction to Syndicated Promotion Campaigns for more information.

Bundled Campaigns

A Bundled Campaign is created when the goal is to combine a collection of different campaigns into one call campaign. The collection of campaigns being bundled typically offer the same type of product or service. This collection of campaigns is consolidated into one category-based bundled campaign. See Introduction to Bundled Campaigns for more information.

The platform provides a campaign wizard to facilitate campaign creation. Campaign wizard steps vary depending on the campaign type.


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