Ad ID - The ID that specifies to which advertiser the ad belongs. 

Advertiser - The owning organization of campaigns on the platform. For "Publisher Promotion" campaign types, the advertiser also decides who can promote their campaign and the payout amount. See Advertiser Also Known As for how it is referred to across the platform. 

Affiliate - Affiliate is also known as Publisher or Media Partner on the platform. It represents the organization that promotes campaigns to get commission from the advertiser. 

Bundled Campaign - A Bundled Campaign is a collection of different campaigns that typically offer the same type of product or service. This collection of campaigns is consolidated into one category-based bundled advertiser campaign.

Call - A phone call reported in the platform. Each time a user places a call and is connected through the Invoca system, regardless of how often it transfers, one call occurs. The Call Record ID links a call across all its segments or transfers. 

Call Treatment - The defined actions taken on a call received in a campaign. There are many options available to choose from in order to qualify and route callers. It is also referred to as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Campaign - An advertising campaign, which is a series of advertisements to promote a product or a service. Campaigns set up by advertisers on the platform can be simple or complex, with many variations.

Campaign Types - The platform supports four campaign types: Publisher Promotion, Advertiser Direct Promotion, Syndicated Promotions and Bundled Promotions.

Click-to-Call - A feature available that enables outdialing from a landing page (Not "Mobile Click-to-Call"). Instead of displaying a trackable promotional number on a landing page, an advertiser can choose to show a Click-to-call button. When the button is clicked, a form pops up prompting the consumer to input a phone number. Once the consumer submits the form, the designated call campaign outdials to the consumer phone number. If this is used in performance marketing, where media partners drive traffic to a site with the online click-to-call form, the calls are attributed to the appropriate partner. 

Connect Duration - The elapsed time of a call from the moment call is transferred to destination phone number to hang up.

Conversion Rate - In a Pay-Per-Call network, this refers to the percentage of total payable calls that were paid based on a campaign's payout condition. 

Conversion Reporting - A feature available to enable in the campaign wizard Payout step. It allows the tracking, reporting and compensation of conversion events such as, phone leads and web sales. The different ways to report conversion data include: Server-to-Server post via API, Web Pixel, and Email.

Creative - The creative is the media selected by the advertiser to use when promoting the campaign. Creatives support multiple publishing channels, such as: websites, emails, mobile and even radio and television.

Destination number - The Destination number is the telephone number where an advertiser wants calls routed for a campaign. This can be a local or toll free number. The platform routes the promo numbers that callers dial to the destination number. 

Destination Campaign - A campaign included in a "Bundled Campaign", sometimes referred to as a "child campaign".

Dynamic Number Display - A feature that replaces a phone number on a webpage with a promo number using web integration.

Geo Targeting - Campaigns can be setup to treat calls differently based on the caller's geographic region. Use campaign target regions to set geo targeting specifications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Available in the campaign call treatment, the IVR qualifies callers using voice prompts and allows the caller to make key presses to connect to the advertiser. Based on the qualifying questions and key press answers, calls are routed to the destination number defined. IVR is also referred to as the "Call Treatment" in the platform.

Media Channel The owning organization of a campaign on the platform. Also known as Advertiser.

Media Partner The Media Partner promotes campaigns to get commission from the advertiser. Also known as Publisher or Affiliate.

Mobile Click-to-Call - A mobile ad that enables consumers to tap the ad to initiate a phone call.

Nearest Location - An optional step in campaign call treatment. Also known as "custom locations". The platform can route callers to the branch or location nearest to them. This is used by brick-and-mortar advertisers as well as those who do not have a centralized call center. The caller's location is based on the area code and prefix of the caller ID (also called NPA-NXX). Upload the branch locations and set the trade area or radius treatment. See Nearest Location in Call Treatment for additional information.

Network - The Network is the medium where advertisers and publishers can discover each other and conduct business. Advertisers register and post campaigns while publishers find campaigns to promote. The Network also handles payments. 

Network Managed - A setting on advertiser accounts. The network or admin user manages the campaigns and media partner or publisher approvals for the advertiser, and takes a margin for this. Advertisers have a limited view of their campaign and reporting and cannot make edits.  The advertiser can only see their pay in to the network, not the payout to media partners. The network is awarded the margin between advertiser pay in and publisher payout. 

Network User - A user with a "Network" account type. Network users have visibility across all Advertisers and Publishers across the platform. A Network user with a "Super" role is effectively an Admin user that establishes platform-wide settings and determines which features can be enabled for advertiser and publisher users.

Payout - The amount of commission designated by the advertiser. The payout usually requires calls to fulfill certain criteria. The Base Payout is the amount of commission when a call meets the minimum requirements. The Bonus Payout is additional commission when the call meets further requirements. The Bonus is added on top of the Base Payout.      
Promo Numbers - A telephone number (local or toll-free) used online or offline to track calls.  On the platform, a promo number can be associated to a campaign's media (including a search term), advertiser and publisher thereby providing extensive attribution tracking on every call. 

Publisher - The publisher promotes campaigns to drive calls and earn commission from the advertiser. It is also known as Affiliates or Media Partner. See Publisher Also Known As for how it is referred to across the platform.

Publishing Channels - Media channels that publishers can use to place their ads. The channels are chosen based on the target audience.

Real-time Updates - Immediate and automated updates. Platform reporting of calls for Networks, Advertisers and Publishers include real-time updates.

Region Type - The platform supports different ways to classify regions. Campaigns can target custom regions based on country, state/province or city.

Syndicated Promotion -  A campaign type in the platform that supports syndication across networks. 

Syndication - When a publisher in one network makes a campaign available to publishers in another network, this is syndication. Syndication allows companies to leverage their relationships with other companies to supplement call based offers or to broaden the distribution of phone call traffic. 

Test Call - A feature available to test the campaign. Input the phone number you wish to use, and the campaign calls your phone number. This is a great way to check the call treatment.

Text to Speech - A feature available for campaign call treatments. Enter text in a call treatment step requiring a prompt, and the platform converts the text to speech. 

Tracking Pixel - Now known as Webhook in the platform.

Transaction - A transaction recorded on the platform. Each "call" on a campaign can result in multiple transactions, one for the call and one for web conversions or sales. 

Transaction Corrections -  Also known as, "Call Corrections". While the platform reports calls as paid or not paid based on the conditions set in the campaign terms, occasionally an advertiser may want to update the payout status of reported calls.See Submit Transaction Corrections for more information. 

WebhookA webhook on the platform is a server-to-server post that fires when defined campaign activity occurs. 

Web Integration Code - Web integration Code displays trackable promo numbers on an advertiser's or publisher's website so all calls can be tracked like clicks. 

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