Submit Transaction Corrections

Leverage the Transaction Corrections features to modify a call's Earned and Paid amount.

To Correct Individual 

Manually select and correct transactions from the Transactions detail report. Earned and Paid values are initially zeroed out and can be updated to reflect the correct value. Corrections are reflected within 10 minutes in the platform. See Self-Serve Transaction Corrections for more information.

To Correct Multiple Transactions,

  1. From the Transaction Details Report, note the Transaction ID of calls needing correction.

    For correcting calls that route through a Bundled Campaign, note that the calls will have more than one transaction ID. In most cases, the transaction ID from the destination campaign should be used. For more information, please see what is a transaction ID

  2. Download the Transaction Corrections Excel file.

  3. Open and clear the sample data from the Excel file. Enter the Transaction ID, Advertiser Pay In amount and Publisher Pay Out amount you need changed for each transaction. Be sure to specify both pay in and pay out even when a value is not being corrected. To add a bonus to the call, include the total amount (base+bonus amounts). 

  4. Save the Excel file as a .csv file. Note the file name.

  5. On the Advertiser Navigation Bar choose the Gear and select "Transaction Corrections".

  6. In the Submit Corrections panel, click "Choose File" to browse for and select the updated CSV file. 

  7. Once CSV file selected, click Submit on the Submit Corrections Panel. 
Submitted corrections are processed through Production Support to ensure that values pass correctly through Syndicated and Bundled campaigns. The corrections are processed within 3 to 5 business days, and email confirmations are sent when the corrections have been processed. If there are any discrepancies, contact Customer Success at

Transactions that have been corrected display the correction date and timestamp in the "Corrected At" column in the Transactions detail report.

Completed transaction correction files are listed in the Previous Submissions Panel on the Submit Transactions page:

Please be aware that this tool can be used to create negative margins, and double check your corrections before submission.

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