Reclaim Promo Numbers


Reclaiming promo numbers is an important part of the overall “Number Management” process.  By regularly reviewing and removing inactive promo numbers or numbers that are no longer driving traffic for your campaigns from your Network or Platform, it helps to ensure you stay within the limits of your allotment of promo numbers each month.

To Reclaim Promo Numbers:

  1. Run a “Number Usage Report” by doing the following:

    1. From the Network Level, select the “Gear Icon” in the navigation bar

    2. Reclaim Promo Number Screenshot 2png

    3. Select “Billing” from the drop-down menu

    4. Reclaim Promo Numbers Screenshot 1png

    5. Ensure the “Billing Month” is set to the current month

    6. Reclaim Promo Number Screenshot 3png

    7. Click “Actions”

    8. Select “Generate Number Usage Report” from the drop-down menu

    9. Reclaim Promo Number Screenshot 4png

    10. You will receive a notification that the report has processed, click the “Download Report” link within the email

    11. Reclaim Promo Number Screenshot 5png

    12. Open the downloaded file

  2. Review the file and pay special attention to the following columns:

    1. Promo Number Status

    2. Advertiser Status

    3. Campaign Status

    4. Publisher Status

    5. Number of Calls

  3. Remove any promo numbers from the list that are not designated as “active” and driving calls for your Network or Platform or “active” and haven’t driven any calls for your Network or Platform in a while.

  4. Save the file with the name “<Company Name> Promo Number Reclaim List <Date>”

  5. Submit a request through and include the following information:

    1. Your Company Name

    2. Total of Promo Numbers being Reclaimed

    3. Requested Date for Completion

      1. NOTE: These requests typically take around 3-5 days to process, so please submit your requests in ample time to have them processed by the time you need them

    4. Attach the file you had created

      1. NOTE: Please ensure you have attached the file INCLUDING ONLY the numbers you would like to have reclaimed.  Once the promo numbers have been reclaimed, it is extremely difficult to recover them for your Network.

  6. Customer Success Team will provide confirmation once your request has been completed!

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