Saving & Scheduling Reports

*Note this product is currently available to a limited customer set. It will be fully released in the near future.*

Network and Advertiser (also known as Profiles or Media Channels) users can save a customized views of their details and summary reports for future use. Saved Reports will preserve the user’s selected filters, date range, selected columns, and number of records per page.

Saved Reports can also be scheduled for periodic delivery. At most one schedule can be applied to each Saved Report. Manager and Super users can schedule reports to themselves and on behalf of anyone in their organization. Member, Observer, and Reporting users can only schedule reports to themselves. For security reasons, all recipients must log in before download starts.

Only the report creator has access to view, edit or delete Saved Reports, within the Network or Advertiser platform they’re in. One exception is that reports can be saved or scheduled on behalf of Publisher users when Network users impersonate them.

To save a new report,

Click the “Save…” button on the top right of reports.

Enter a unique name for your report and click the “Save” button.

To view a Saved Report,

Within the Reports drop-down menu, choose My Reports.

Select a Saved Report in the Saved tab. If there are any requested reports, such as a Number Usage Report or reports that were too large to immediately export, they will show up in the “Requested” tab in My Reports.

To schedule a report,

Click the “Create Schedule” button on the top right of reports.

If it’s not already a Saved Report, save the report under a unique name first.

Alternatively, if the report is already saved, you can create a schedule from “My Reports” page using the Actions menu.

Then you can choose your scheduling options

Important: Report Date Ranges

The date range selected in the report will be used. Reports with pre-set date ranges (such as Yesterday, This Month, This Quarter, etc.) will be run with relative date ranges, whereas data in reports with custom date ranges will be locked to the original custom dates. Reports with “Compare Time Periods” cannot be scheduled.

To download a scheduled report,

Open the scheduled report email and click on the “Download Report” button.

For security reasons, alll users must log into the Invoca platform before the download commences.

Any additional comments the report creator has added to the report will be included below the “Download Report” button and above Report Details.

Any additional comments the report creator has added to the report will be included below the “Download Report” button and above Report Details.

To edit a Saved Report view,

Navigate to the Saved Report via “My Reports” and adjust any of the report settings and click the “Save” button on the top right. Any unsaved changes to a Saved Report will be discarded.

To edit the schedule of a Saved Report,

Navigate to the Saved Report via “My Reports” and click the “Edit Schedule” button to edit any of the scheduling options. You can also Unschedule the report, which will remove the scheduled delivery, but the report will remain saved.

To share a Saved Report with another user,

Use the URL of the Saved Report. Only users who have access to that report will be able to load the report in the platform with the visibility on the columns they have access to. For more information on report permissions, see the Users page in the Gear drop-down and click the Role Permissions link.  

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