Custom Data


Custom data includes the ability to define, report and integrate custom fields.

Each Custom Data field creates a new column in the Calls and Transactions details reports.

Custom Data can be created as a “Text” or “Category” field. While both create new columns in reporting, only the “Category” type enables a summary reporting view in the Custom Summary report. Custom Data supports 50 Text fields, 10 Categories and 5 Text Fields (Long).

Custom Summary Report View (for Categories only):

Call Details Report Field View (Text and Categories):

Select custom data columns for both “Categories” and “Text Fields”:

To Create Custom Data fields and categories,

The Customer Success team can assist you with creating the Custom Data dictionary. Contact to get started.

Examples of Custom Data fields, include:  Vertical, Line of Business, Agent, and Region.


To View the Custom Data Dictionary,

Choose “Custom Data” from the gear icon.

To apply Custom Data values,

Once Custom Data is enabled, and the Custom Data fields are defined, apply Custom Data values to objects on your platform, such as: Advertisers, Media Channels, Campaigns, Publishers. Affiliates and Promo Numbers on their respective “Manage” pages.

Apply Custom Data in bulk by selecting objects using the checkbox and choosing bulk actions “Apply Custom Data”.

Alternatively, Select the “Apply” option under the Custom Data Column  to view all Custom data selections for that specific Advertiser, Publisher, Campaign or Promo number and add new ones.

Use the dropdown or type in specific field values.


For convenience and flexibility, Custom Data values can be set on different platform objects. Calls and Transactions inherit the Custom Data value in the following order of precedence:

  1. Promo Number
  2. Publisher
  3. Campaign
  4. Advertiser/Media Channel
For example, if no Custom Data value is set on the promo number, the platform assigns the Custom Data value set on the Campaign.  If no Custom Data value is set on the Campaign, the platform assigns the Publisher Custom Data value, etc..

Use the “Applied” field in the “Manage” pages to manage inherited Custom Data Fields.  


Email to learn more on how to set this up for your platform today!

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